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Good Dental Care

Your mouth, including your gums and teeth, is important to your overall health. However, many people don’t take proper care of their teeth. Without good home-care and routine dental visits, bacteria can build up and make you sick. It can even travel throughout your whole body, making you really ill. In order to take good […]

Is Invisalign right for you?

Are you embarrassed by your crooked teeth? Do you hate your smile because your teeth are not straight? Do you have trouble eating? Or bad oral hygiene because your crooked teeth don’t allow you to completely clean your teeth properly? If you answered yes to any of these but don’t want to deal with braces […]

Smile Makeovers

Here at Dentistry in the Higlands, we are proud to help our patients to get the smile that you deserve. A smile makeover uses cosmetic dental procedures to make you proud of your smile. We perform teeth whitening, along with other cosmetic procedures like veneers and tooth implants. Each smile makeover is different. We start […]

Congratulations Dr. Jin Zeng!

We are so proud of our dentists at Dentistry in the Highlands. We are especially proud of them when they do something to advance themselves and our practice. Dr. Jin Zeng has been accepted for a fellowship at LVI Global. LVI Global is short for Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. They are dedicated […]